Beachfront Kitchen & Bar Spring Marketing Blueprint

Beachfront Kitchen & Bar spring 2024 spring marketing campaign

A few weeks ago Jan and I sat down to discuss our game plan for Spring 2024 and beyond. It’s the time of year we take a look at what worked, and what didn’t in 2023, and use that data to make a game plan for 2024. 

This is our third spring partnering together, which gives us 3 years of marketing and customer data to work from. We are coming off of two successful campaigns to end 2023 that were built from analyzing data and following consumer trends in the local marketplace, and we are utilizing marketing strategies and tactics that have worked across multiple industries over the past few years that will help us achieve our goal of 30% growth in 2024. This goal aligns directly with Beachfront’s yearly revenue goal increase for 2024 and follows the trend of overall growth between 2022 and 2023. 

To build our strategy and campaign we started with discussing areas of focus for the next 3 months. 

Our 3 areas of focus (or marketing initiatives) for the next 3 months will be 

  1. Spaghetti Wednesday & Community Events – Jan and Beachfront are huge supporters of local non-profit organizations in our area as well – he truly lives the lifestyle of Givers-Gain. So our first initiative will be growing the list of organizations we sponsor and growing the number of attendees each week which will allow Jan and his team to make an even larger impact in our local community this year.

    Feb 28 – Spaghetti Wednesday featuring CNC for the Grand Strand Humane Society
    March 13 – Spaghetti Wednesday featuring Alpha Delta Kappa
    March 20 – Spaghetti Wednesday featuring the Grand Strand Optimist Club

  2. Beachfront Events

    Feb 2 – Beachfront Re-Opens 
    Feb 9 – Re-Opening Party! 
    Feb 11 – Super Bowl Game Watch
    Feb 14 – Valentines Day
    March 17 – St Patrick’s Day
    March 31 – Easter

  3. New Updates to the location & Menu

Due to less tourism between Feb and April, we understand Beachfront’s main customer base consists mostly of local residents in the neighborhoods within the 3-5 mile radius of his location on 74th ave N. These individuals include families, retirees, and snow-birds, visitors from out of the area that migrate here anytime between October and April. 

To reach this demographic, the channels we’ll be focused on utilizing are Facebook, Instagram, Facebook Groups, Instagram Stories, and partnering with Local Influencers to create User Generated Content on Instagram & TikTok. We’ll also be utilizing email marketing to reach out to community members that have already participated in Beachfront’s community events. We’ll be including traditional radio and print opportunities to support our efforts. 

We know social media ads are more effective when they’re delivered to users who have already engaged with the Beachfront brand. We gather more reach, and get more engagement by setting ads up targeting these users. In order to do this, we have set up the Beachfront website to track user data based on user actions while visiting the site, and we have connected the website to the platforms we will be running ads on. 

We’re going to create content and engage in online communities that support local organizations. We’ll send emails to our existing list from previous community events for new sign-ups and share other community offerings, such as catering and private event bookings. We’ll run targeted ads across social media, targeting individuals who support many of the organizations that Beachfront has sponsored, or are a specific age range within a specific location. We’ll adapt and engage with our own online community as their needs & wants change.

All of these actions will have 1 goal in mind, and that’s to drive users who engage with that content to the Beachfront website. We’ll have trackable links and actions defined so that we can analyze our efforts in real-time and make adjustments as needed. 

We’ll have specific landing pages created for each micro-campaign (area of focus), directing users to take the specific actions we wish for them to take, based on why we drove them there. 

We’ll continue to collect data on our KPIs, gather customer insights, and analyze each action in order to adjust our tactics & strategy so we get closer to achieving our desired results. 

We repeat this process at some level for every client, every marketing initiative, and every campaign. 

To view the Strategic Blueprint for a Successful Marketing Campaign, Click Here.

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