Amslee Agency: A Case Study on Digital Marketing

Amslee Agency stands as a testament to the power of building a brand to support strategic digital marketing initiatives. We specialize in delivering custom digital marketing solutions, combining strategy, creativity, and technology with trends to help businesses gain attention and awareness online. Our commitment to quality and professionalism forms the bedrock of our brand identity.

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Hachiya Express Best of the Grand Strand Campaign

Hachiya Express Best of the Grand Strand Header Photo for Amslee Agency

Hachiya Express is a casual, quick-service Japanese hibachi restaurant located south of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina in need of a digital marketing campaign designed to help them win Best Asian Restaurant of the Grand Strand in 2023.

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TikTok Growth Through User-Generated Content

This case study demonstrates how a micro-influencer leveraged trends, audience engagement, and viral breakthroughs to establish expertise in their niche, ultimately leading to significant growth, showcasing the power of TikTok’s platform for organic growth and micro-influencer success.

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