Our Real Estate Agent Marketing Plan for 2024

How do I market myself as a Real Estate Agent?

This is a great question.

We’d like to think the exact strategy for effectively moving the attention needle for Real Estate Agents would be simple.

In our experience, the best approach is to document your professional journey every chance you get. Accomplishing this effectively takes a lot of time and commitment to stay consistent. If you’re documenting, sharing the content through your marketing channels, and remaining authentic to who you are, you’ll build a brand, and business worth the investment.

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all strategy for any marketing campaign regardless of the industry. And most strategies will feel like they’re failing long before they show any hope for success. But as long as you’re staying consistent, collecting data, adapting with what’s working, and having fun, progress is being made and success is in your future.

If Amslee Agency were a Real Estate Agent or Broker, this is the marketing strategy we’d build campaigns from:

Operating in a tourism economy and retirement community can cause doing business in the Myrtle Beach area to be highly competitive. Therefore, we’d need to develop a campaign and marketing strategy that was authentic to us, but also provide a unique perspective of the area.

Our first step would be setting goals and creating customer funnels designed to collect performance data. These KPI’s would be based on increasing brand awareness, generating leads, and establishing ourselves as a trusted authority along the Grand Strand in the Real Estate Business.

We would utilize engaging video content and incorporate an email marketing strategy that supported driving consumers to a landing page where we could collect information from the user for a more formal follow-up. We would have analytics in place to track every step along the users journey so we can learn what actions we’re taking that are leading to the results that we’re looking for.

The content we’d share would be video heavy and designed to be used in top-of-funnel platforms targeted to first-time homebuyers, families looking to upsize or downsize, investors looking for market opportunities, or local community members who are interested in the latest real estate trends and information about local neighborhoods. We would create a video series for each customer segment sharing valuable insights, tips, and advice they’d find useful.

Some themes for the series would include:

  1. Home Buying Tips
  2. Home Selling Strategies
  3. Neighborhood Spotlights
  4. Real Estate Market Updates
  5. Client Testimonials
  6. Behind the Scenes of the Real Estate Process
  7. Q&A Sessions
  8. Home Improvement Ideas

Our action plan would include rotating through these themes producing a minimum of 8-12 pieces of photo and video content to release each and every week.

The landing page we would drive users to, would have a form they would fill out to join our mailing list or request a call from one of our team members.

Those who joined our mailing list would receive regular emails with the latest real estate news and neighborhood information.

We’d review our analytic data and adjust our strategy based on what’s working well and what our audience is responding to the most. The campaign would be ongoing, and we’d invest more into the customer segments that were succeeding, while adapting and optimizing for the segments that aren’t performing as well.

By staying consistent, listening to our audience, and making informed decisions based on data, we’ll find ourselves quickly becoming a leader and trusted Real Estate professional in our community.

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