Social Media Trends & Updates

Social media trends and updates for March 2024.

Let’s talk about current social media trends and updates for March 2024.


TikTok is striving to demonstrate its economic value to the U.S. amidst looming pressure for a sell-off mandate. A report claims TikTok contributed $24.2 billion to the U.S. economy in 2023, mainly through small and mid-sized businesses, utilizing the platform for marketing and revenue generation. This economic impact is emphasized to dissuade Senate support for a proposal mandating TikTok’s sale to U.S. ownership. However, the underlying concern isn’t just about data security but also about potential Chinese influence on global narratives, given the Chinese government’s history of coordinated information efforts. The fear is that a Chinese-owned app with a vast user base outside China could be exploited for geopolitical and local influence. This concern gains traction considering China’s own strict control over foreign tech platforms. Therefore, the debate over TikTok’s ownership reflects broader anxieties about foreign influence and national security.


Instagram has introduced message editing and pinned chats for Direct Messages, recognizing messaging as a core feature. Users can edit messages within 15 minutes of sending them and pin important chats to the top of their inbox. Additionally, users can save favorite stickers and control read receipts, aligning with Meta’s broader messaging integration strategy. These updates aim to enhance private communication channels, reflecting user preferences over public posting.

Meta has released new advertising updates, mainly catering to retailers and users of its automated Advantage+ campaigns. These updates include:

  • “Advantage+ creative optimizations” will automatically optimize video ads for viewing on Reels and mobile Facebook and Instagram apps with a 9:16 ratio.
  • Advantage+ catalog ads now allow importing and using branded or customer demonstration videos, expanding options beyond static images.
  • Enhanced eCommerce ad options, integrating Shops ads with branded content ads and offering direct purchasing from collaborative campaigns.
  • New features in Reminder ads on Instagram, including external links to new products or sales, with plans to expand to Reels in the future.
  • Introduction of Promo Codes promotions on Facebook and Instagram, along with ads featuring product tags.
  • Updates to Collaborative ads offering more analytics on performance and testing the use of Collaborative ads with Advantage+ shopping campaigns.
  • Introduction of Advantage+ Catalog ads with omnichannel brand and product-level reporting as a managed service solution.


LinkedIn’s AI-powered “Collaborative Articles” have gained significant traction on the platform, with millions of users contributing expertise and insights to AI-generated prompts. These prompts lead to increased visibility for contributors and the possibility of earning a Community Top Voice badge. Collaborative Articles have seen a 4x increase in weekly member contributions, with over 10 million contributions in the past year. LinkedIn is evolving this feature by improving prompt framing for more specific answers and introducing an “unhelpful” button for reader feedback. Algorithm improvements ensure the right experts contribute, and distribution enhancements have led to increased engagement. The feature is expanding to more languages, and a new filter in search aids users in finding relevant insights to contribute to.


Google has introduced a new feature within its business listings in Search, displaying recent social media posts from connected profiles. Businesses can link Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, TikTok, and other accounts via the Google Business dashboard. The social post previews are automatically populated based on linked profiles, though businesses can manually add links as well. This update enhances Google Business listings, providing more context and potentially driving more interest in products or services. Considering Google’s influence in driving traffic, integrating social media updates into Google Business listings is a significant consideration for businesses.

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