TikTok Growth Through User-Generated Content

BeachfrontMyrtleBeach TikTok Profile

A Case Study on Organic Growth and Micro-Influencer Success on TikTok

beachfrontmyrtlebeach is a TikTok account dedicated to sharing information about Myrtle Beach through user-generated content (UGC). This case study explores the challenges and successes of growing a TikTok account organically in a fiercely competitive social media landscape, where standing out is no easy feat. The subject under study revolves around the growth of a TikTok account within the Myrtle Beach tourism industry.

What Was The Challenge?

The challenge at hand was to organically grow the TikTok account beachfrontmyrtlebeach within the niche-based Myrtle Beach community. The significance of this challenge stems from the oversaturation of social media platforms with daily content, making it increasingly difficult to capture viewers’ attention.

What Did We Do?

  • Created UGC Content focused on showcasing Myrtle Beach and what is has to offer.
    • Restaurants
    • Tourist Attractions
    • Hidden Gems
    • Events
  • Stayed updated on trending sounds and hashtags.
  • Analyzed follower analytics on TikTok.
  • Investigated what content is popular within the Myrtle Beach community.
  • Paid attention to the videos that resonated most with existing followers.

Main Findings

  • Viral Breakthrough: The TikTok account didn’t achieve virality until 6 months into posting. However, once it did, video views, followers, and engagement skyrocketed.
  • Expertise through Virality: A single viral video helped establish the account as an “expert” in its niche, garnering trust and reliability.
  • Growth: Between August 2022 and January 2023, the account gained 3,500 followers, with video views surpassing one million.
  • Engagement and Value: The key to success was consistent posting that provided followers with value and information.
  • TikTok Creativity Program: After joining the TikTok Creativity Program, the account unlocked the ability to monetize videos longer than one minute. Initially, longer videos outperformed shorter ones. However, over time, both short and long videos began to perform well, indicating the importance of adaptability.
  • Hitting the “View Wall”: A significant challenge encountered was the “view wall,” where video views plateaued at 200-1,000 views. This was attributed to changes in TikTok’s algorithm and the need to adjust the content being posted to better align with audience preferences.
  • Current Status: By November 2023, beachfrontmyrtlebeach has reached over 22,000 followers, and over 7 million video views.

Additional Insights

  • Collaborations with local businesses: Increased views and followers allowed for more collaboration opportunities with local businesses, showcasing the potential for partnerships within the Myrtle Beach community.
  • Monetization potential: The TikTok Creativity Program offered a pathway to monetization for videos longer than one minute, demonstrating the platform’s evolving opportunities for content creators.


The paramount lesson from this journey is that posting for the sake of posting won’t cut it. Value must be consistently delivered to the audience, and you must pay attention to what they enjoy. Success on TikTok, as demonstrated by beachfrontmyrtlebeach, is rooted in offering something valuable and engaging within a specific niche. Adaptability to changes in algorithms and audience preferences is crucial in maintaining and growing your presence on the platform.

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