Behind-The-Scenes of Content Creation

Behind-The-Scenes of Content Creation.

Content creation is both an art and a science. From eye-catching graphics to engaging video content, the creative process involves careful planning, creativity, and attention to detail. Let’s take a behind-the-scenes look at how it all comes together here at Amslee Agency.

Video Content

Video Content has always been the backbone of our content strategy. The rise of Facebook & Instagram reels, Youtube Shorts, and TikTok has only supported video content as a key component of modern marketing campaigns. When it comes to video content, we do our best to Keep It Simple.

We begin by brainstorming topics that align with a campaign objectives. Whether we have set a goal of fostering authenticity, increasing community engagement, or increasing sales, every video we produce must serve a purpose.

Understanding the importance of a clear purpose is key. Without a defined goal, videos risk losing coherence and impact, resulting in wasted effort and resources. With that in mind, we craft each video with a specific objective in mind, ensuring that every frame contributes to the story we are telling and the outcome we’re expecting.

User Generated Content

When sourcing User-Generated Content (UGC), authenticity is extremely important. We share client stories that are both unique and honest, utilizing both phones and professional cameras to capture genuine moments. Our UGC campaigns, exemplified by collaborations like the one with Jamesha Gore-Coggin from State Farm, sum up the essence of real-life experiences, fostering deeper connections with viewers.

Video Editing

During the editing process, we use techniques that prioritize seamless flow and engaging pacing. Every frame is reviewed to ensure that the narrative flows smoothly, captivating the audience from start to finish. Incorporating voiceovers and background music adds depth and clarity, with lapel mics ensuring optimal audio quality. By eliminating dead space and maintaining a fast-paced editing style, we sustain viewer engagement throughout each video we produce and share.

In evaluating the success of our video content, we utilize data analytics to track various metrics, including social media engagement, content reach, and ultimately, leads & sales. These insights serve as guideposts for refining our strategies and optimizing future campaigns, ensuring continuous growth and improvement for each of our clients.

Graphic Design

When it comes to visual storytelling, well-designed graphics serve as great tools for capturing attention and driving engagement. We utilize Graphic Design across every platform and type of content we share. These designs help with promoting client events, showcasing products, or spreading information. By measuring QR code clicks, social media engagement, and on-site metrics, we gauge the effectiveness of our designs, refining our approach for maximum impact. We stay on brand by utilizing the correct colors, fonts & tone to ensure our graphics command attention and inspire action for ourselves and our clients.

Decisions in graphic design are guided by a detailed understanding of our client’s brand identity and objectives. For instance, when tasked with creating a menu screen for Beachfront Kitchen and Bar’s new Coffee Corner, we leaned into a design with a tropical beach vacation vibe, leveraging colors from their logo, beachy imagery, and fun fonts. Along with this, we made sure that that the colors and fonts aligned with the interior design of their restaurant.

Multiple drafts and client collaboration are an important part of our design process, allowing us to update designs as needed while also staying in alignment with the client’s vision. This approach ensures that the final product surpasses expectations, resonating authentically with the target audience while delivering the intended message effectively.

While the content creation process may vary from person to person, it almost always involves creativity, strategy, and technical ability. At Amslee Agency, we pride ourselves on our ability to craft original content that captivates, inspires, and drives results. Learn more about our content and design strategy here!

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