Jamesha Gore-Coggin, State Farm User Generated Video Content

Capturing Moments, Building Community: User-Generated Video Content for Jamesha Gore-Coggin, State Farm

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Jamesha Gore-Coggin, State Farm is a trusted insurance agency with offices located in North Myrtle Beach and Loris, SC. When we began to discuss Jamesha’s brand with her, we discovered the need to increase Jamesha’s digital presence across social media. With consumer attention traveling further and further towards videos on platforms like TikTok, Youtube Shorts & Instagram Reels, we felt incorporating user generated video content to her social media channels would help foster the sense of community she would like to continue to build into her brand. We embarked on a unique journey to share Jamesha’s work-life and educate the public about the quality service Jamesha Gore-Coggin, State Farm provides.

With a strong belief in documenting rather than developing, we have been able to collect content that is 100% authentically Jamesha. This is connecting with her audience resulting in meaningful online engagement. To accomplish this, we decided the best course of action is to have Jamesha’s team help collect photo and video content during the day-to-day office hours and at certain events, while we would visit once every 4-6 weeks to collect photos and 5-7 user-generated styled education videos. All of this user generated video content would be used in Reels & Stories on Facebook & Instagram.

Here are a few examples of the videos we collected.

The primary objectives for collecting user generated video content include:

  1. Authenticity Over Perfection: Embracing genuine moments and experiences of State Farm customers in their interactions with the Jamesha Gore-Coggin, State Farm team.
  2. Community Engagement: Encourage Jamesha and her team to share stories, testimonials, and day-to-day experiences related to insurance services.
  3. Social Media Spotlight: Amplify the State Farm community spirit through edited user-generated videos and photos, strategically in Reels & Stories shared on Facebook and Instagram.


  1. Call for Submissions:
    • Utilized social media posts, emails, and in-office promotions to encourage participation online and in the offices of Jamesha Gore-Coggin, State Farm.
  2. Story Sharing Sessions:
    • Hosted in-office story-sharing sessions, where team members could share their personal anecdotes, testimonials, and gratitude towards the Jamesha Gore-Coggin, State Farm family and the insurance products and services they provide.
  3. Guidelines for Authenticity:
    • Provided simple guidelines encouraging Jamesha and her team members to capture real, unscripted moments that highlight their unique experiences within Jamesha Gore-Coggin, State Farm.
  4. Professional Editing Touch:
    • Meticulously edited the user-generated content to enhance visual appeal and maintain a cohesive theme.
    • Ensured a balance between professionalism and the authenticity of each shared story.

Results and Impact:

  1. Diverse and Heartfelt Stories:
    • Received a wealth of diverse video content, ranging from product and service infomercials to lighthearted moments shared by Jamesha and her team.
    • Each video offered a unique glimpse into the genuine relationships formed with the State Farm team.
  2. Engagement Surge on Social Media:
    • Published the edited user-generated videos strategically on Facebook and Instagram Reels.
    • Notable increase in likes, shares, and comments as the community rallied behind the authentic stories shared.
  3. Heightened Trust and Connection:
    • The campaign solidified a sense of trust and connection, showcasing the human side of insurance services.
    • Clients expressed appreciation for the opportunity to share their stories and be part of the State Farm community narrative.
  4. Community Building Beyond Insurance:
    • Extended the reach beyond insurance-related content, fostering a broader community of individuals sharing their everyday experiences.

The Jamesha Gore-Coggin, State Farm user-generated video campaign wasn’t just about insurance; it was about the people, the stories, and the connections that define a community. As user preferences continue to evolve, this initiative stands as a testament to the enduring power of authenticity and shared experiences.

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