Hachiya Express Instagram & TikTok Case Study

Hachiya Express Instagram & TikTok Case Study.

In a recent strategy session, our team analyzed our social media approach for Hachiya Express, focusing particularly on Instagram and TikTok. Armed with analytics and insights gathered over the past year, we dissected what worked, what didn’t, and crafted a strategy for the next 3 months.

Reflecting on our quarterly analytics review, we observed promising trends from their Christmas campaign, a combination of data analysis and consumer trend tracking from the previous year. For the Christmas season, they went all out, decorating their restaurant with festive decor.

We highlighted the atmosphere and the Christmas spirit in engaging reels to attract customers and entice them to come and check it out.

The metrics spoke volumes: we created a 23% uptick in Instagram engagement, a notable 150% surge in story engagement, and a 344% increase in TikTok followers over the last 3 months of 2023. Our efforts also yielded a 36% boost in Instagram page views and doubled their Instagram followers.

Our strategy centered on three key pillars; heightened social media engagement, a strategic focus on video content, and promoting DoorDash delivery via Instagram reels.

On Instagram, we amplified Hachiya Express’s engagement by commenting, liking & sharing customer content from the restaurant, we prioritized reels to leverage current organic algorithm performance, and showcased the Christmas decor across timelines, stories, and reels to drive foot traffic during the busy holiday season.

Meanwhile, on TikTok, our focus remained on staying ahead of trending audios and current memes, engaging with local accounts, and spotlighting Hachiya Express’s quick-service, affordable hibachi offerings. We capitalized on TikTok’s evolving features, experimenting with effects and stories to maintain relevance.

Through this campaign, we collected valuable insights & adapted our strategy as data showed necessary. Reels emerged as an effective strategy on Instagram, offering heightened visibility and engagement from followers and non-followers. Stories proved to be a successful medium for audience reach. Interestingly, TikTok favored photo carousels over short-form videos, and leveraging trending audios proved to be a winning formula when executed thoughtfully.

Looking ahead to the next quarter, our roadmap is clear: we’ll continue to grow in the areas we’re succeeding, adapt our strategy to align with our data, and continue to test new ideas with fresh content. Our focus will remain on social media engagement, integrating long-form content into our TikTok & Instagram Reel strategy, and embracing new algorithm changes as they add new challenges to reaching an organic audience. We’ll maintain a video-heavy approach, while still incorporating captivating visuals across platforms.

As we a/b test content and strategies against each other, one thing remains constant, our commitment to innovation and adaptability. With our weekly reviews, we’ll refine our approach, leveraging data-driven insights and consumer behavior to continue placing Hachiya Express at the forefront of online conversations about local, quick-service Japanese Hibachi restaurants in the Surfside Beach & Myrtle Beach Area.

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